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October 2020

Headteacher's Message

Dear parents, as we move in to the half term break, I want to congratulate your children for how hard they have worked since returning in September, and for the resilience they have shown in their ability to adapt to the new routines. You should all be very proud. As you will be aware, we have had a challenging end to the week, with our first positive Covid result confirmed on the staff team. This meant that all of our FS2 staff and children, and some of out FS1 staff, had to move in to isolation. For those of you who are affected by this, I hope that you are able to still enjoy the time together as a family over the half term, albeit in the confines of your own house and garden.

We continue to maintain strict safety measures in school at all times, and seek to minimise any transmission of the virus in school. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that these cases will never appear, and we appreciate your patience and understanding when they do. Please note, we will provide remote learning support to children who are directed to self-isolate, however if parents choose to keep children off as a precaution, this has to be recorded as unauthorised and no educational support will be available. Longer periods of absence will also need to be reported to the unit welfare officer.

With the hot weather continuing, we have not asked children to be in our winter uniform up to this point. However, we ask that after half term, children return to school in: Grey skirt or trousers with white shirt (polo shirt or normal short sleeve) and navy blue school sweatshirt. The sweatshirt can be purchased from the school office should you need one. Children should also wear sensible dark footwear, not trainers please.

As we cannot hold normal parent consultation meetings this term due to ongoing restrictions, we will be offering you a ‘Microsoft Teams’ meeting after half term to allow you to discuss your child’s progress and any learning needs. The class teachers will be sending you an appointment time via email, and I would urge you to make every effort to take up the meeting as these are a very important part of the ongoing support for your child’s education.

Finally, I would like to welcome all of our new families who have recently arrived on island, and to wish any of you who are leaving the island over the half term break all the very best of luck with your new adventures.


Alex Thorp

Year 6

Year 5

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Year 5 have enjoyed a very practical half-term. We have designed, built and visited a river in Geography and learned about life-cycles of animals and plants in Science.

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FS2AC reading their story map

FS2AC Autumn Term

FS2OG Have worked hard this half term!

FS2LB love playdough and glitter!

Y4KW experience amazing things to embed their learning!

This term, Y4SD mummified tomatoes - amongst other things!

Year 2, super learners!

Y3MM have had a great half term!

In our Humanities topic of the Stone age we used stones to try and grind some oats into flour. This was called Querning. The children found it quite difficult and sore on their knees. They said it would have been a very tiring and boring job to have to do. They then used a pestle and mortar to try and grind some oats, which was much quicker and more interesting. They then used oats which had been ground using a blender (Mrs Matheson did these at home!) to make some stone age bread which they ate with some honey - The children thought these were yummy!!

Y3FK: oat-grinders extraordinaire!

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Big picture

Discovering a skeleton in the school garden…could it be a stone age man?