Alexander Graham Bell

By Marian Aldana

Now day everybody wants a phone. Do you ever wonder who invented the phone? Well I know who did Alexander Graham Bell,a famous inventor.

Alexander Graham Bell was born March 3,1847. Bell played his piano for his deaf mom. He loved to play with his dog and became fascinated with sound so he studied his dog's barking. Bell always wanted to finish his dad's job of teaching deaf people once he died. Bell made an infection with his brother. They made an invention that they could communicate with each other. That's when he began to start inventing new things.

Unfortunately his two brothers died of tuberculous. Bell kept inventing, so he entered his invention in a world fair and won first place. After a while he got married with Mabel Gardener Hubbard in 1877. They had four children. When Bell was young he had expected a position to teach elocution and music to student that were older. Then Bell had an amazing idea.

Bell's idea was to made a company called the Bell Telephone Company, and he did. After a while he built a photo phone and it could detect metal buckets inside of someone's body. He also built a graph phone and it was a sound recorder kind of like a tape recorder. Then when that happened he became president of the national geographic society too. Bells health began to deteriorate but he got much better. Bell still dedicated his life it inventing and helping deaf people. He died in August second 1922.