Klaus Riegel's

Interpretation of Development

Who is he?

> German-American Psychologist
> d. July 3rd, 1977
> Once was a metal worker in a shipyard
> Left Germany to get a Masters Degree in America

The Basics

> The development in adulthood is not predictable.
> The development occurs as individuals response to the interactions of internal and external changes. When a change occurs in one dimension, an adjustment in one or more of the other dimensions is required
> Internal = Biological Clock
> External = Social Clock
> There are 4 interrelated dimensions

The Four DImensions

1. The individual psychological dimension describes emotional maturity and independence, and the maturity of mental processes
2. The individual biological dimension describes physical and sexual maturity

3. The cultural-sociological dimension describes the expectations and opportunities that each society defines for individuals

4. The environmental dimension describes the physical, economic, and political environment in which the individual lives


> For example, an important milestone in an individual's life is marriage. The decision of marriage is dependent on many physical and psychological factors

> If an individual is both physically and emotionally mature for marriage, they will marry

> Although, if an individual is old enough to marry based on norms in culture and society, but lacks in money and independence, then they won't marry

> This is the battle between the social clock and biological clock, which in this case, affect each other