Mesopotamia Culture

Grant L., Andrew M., Nicole P


Culture is inherited knowledge, beliefs, and other things that a civilization does or worships that connects them in a way. Some citizens may have the same writing style or architecture. There are many different types of culture, such as art, music, games, religion and many more. The reason why the River Valley civilization had culture was because they wanted to make their civilization better than before. Culture can also bring the citizens together, so that they can decide on issues together, which eliminates fighting. The five major ways culture impacted the River Valley Civilization were religion, writing, architecture, innovations, and achievements. Religion had controlled the way people would do activities in their daily lives. Writing had changed the way people business dealings were done and also how records were kept. Architecture had impacted the study of mathematics, science, and engineering. Innovations had affected job specialization and wider gaps between the social classes. Achievements paved the way for more complex economics and military systems. The culture developments during the River Valley civilization made the largest impact on the people.

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Writing changed many Aspects

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Religion Was important in Mesopotamia


Innovations was important in the Mesopotamian's lives

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Architecture had helped Mesopotamia shape their civilization

  • Ancient people would have the knowledge to divide, multiply, add, and subtract. This helped in mathematics.
  • The Mesopotamians would make certain buildings and tools, such as ziggurats and sundials, with actual bricks, stone, and wood instead of mud. This was an improvement to their engineering.
  • People would have the knowledge to predict the movements of the planets. This helped in science.


Mesopotamians culture influenced their civilization greatly. The innovations,for example the tools they created, were the very first step toward the modern time innovations. By creating the very first writing, they had created the first recorded documents and laws that affected how they keep track of things and keep order. Architecture had advanced what types of materials Mesopotamians would use on certain buildings, such as ziggurats. In religion, Mesopotamians had to please the gods by following the priest’s orders, because it was their belief that the priest could communicate with the gods. The people of Mesopotamia had created barting station to trade to get other materials that they needed and this was an important achievement that they accomplished. The reason why culture made the biggest effect on the Mesopotamian civilization was because there are many different aspects that are connected with culture.