Spring Valley Family News

January 2023

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Greetings from Ms. Misner

Spring Valley Families,

Happy New Year! I hope that this newsletter finds you all healthy and safe.

As we return to school after a two week break, please take a minute to talk to your child about exhibiting positive behavior. Your child can receive SOAR slips at school for being: Safe, Organized, Attentive and Respectful. Students can use these slips to get various incentives.

Friendly reminder... if your child's dismissal plans change, please notify the office no later than 3:00 pm. This ensures that we have adequate time to notify teachers of the change and make sure that students are in the proper place at dismissal.

Thank you for all you do to partner with the us to ensure your child is safe and successful at school! As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Take Good Care,

Heather L. Misner

Principal, Spring Valley Center for Exploration

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Winter Progress Reports Coming Soon!

On January 20, we will be sending home a copy of the parent report of student growth on FastBridge reading and math assessments (grades K - 3) and NWEA MAP reading and math assessments (grades 4 & 5). Please keep an eye out for these as we will be sending them home with students.
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Raptor Visitor Management System

The Raptor visitor management system is now live at Spring Valley.

ALL visitors to the building (parents, community members, volunteers, vendors...) will be asked to run their drivers license through the system in order to print off a visitor's badge.

You do not need to run your ID if you plan on just visiting the office. Without an ID, or choosing to not have your ID run through the system, you will not be permitted to move through the building.

If the system flags your ID for some reason you will have to have a conversation with Ms. Misner in regards to your visit.

We thank you for your cooperation in this matter as we work to keep everyone safe.

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Winter Gear

Please be sure to send your child with appropriate winter gear daily.

We believe outdoor play is crucial to all students. We will be outside as much as possible. We will also continue to line up outdoors during arrival.

Please plan on your student going out for recess as long as the real feel temperature is above 15 degrees.

Fun at the December SOAR Flight

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Gilmore Piano Lab Winter Recital

Students participating in the Gilmore Piano lab will have their Winter Recital on February 7th at 6:00PM here at Spring Valley. Family and friends of participating students are welcome to attend!
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Contact Info

Many of our announcements and updates are communicated through Robocalls and emails. It is very important that we have your most current, up-to-date contact information (cell phone, address, email address). If you have changes, please contact the office right away so we can update it in our student information system.
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Loaves and Fishes Pantry at Spring Valley

Don't forget that we have a Food Pantry on site at Spring Valley through Loves and Fishes.

To schedule an appointment, please text Mrs. Amy Triemstra (CIS) at (269) 389-9466.

Let's Stay Connected!

If you haven't already, please like/join our Spring Valley Facebook Page. We post frequent updates such as: bus cancellations, snow days, school activities, upcoming events and pictures of the amazing things happening in our classrooms/school!