New Modernization of Warfare

How did advances in technology effect the war?

New inventions and systems of warfare.

As our world comes to war with each other, we see many advances in war such the U- Boats, able to fight against many naval ships and be used in the new Convoy System. Even in the front line of the war, we see trenches as a way to defend against high numbers of enemy troops, giving the land between the two "No Mans Land".

"No Mans Land"

Between the Trenches.

Many of the battle fronts in WWI were a trench vs. trench warfare. The land between the two trenches was know as "No Mans Land", this is were most of the casualties taken by both sides had occurred. the land was cover with bodies and broken down trees due to artillery. The reason for the name, was that the land was not control by either side.

Pershing's Doughboys

American Expeditionary Forces

General John J. Pershing lead American's army to France. He insisted that his army, also known as "Doughboys", would remain separate as an independent army. This meant that American forces would only take action if it is under an American command.