Destructive Driving

The results of texting and driving

The Facts!

Texting and driving can be very dangerous. This is called Driving while Intexticated. This can just as harmful as driving while intoxicated. In the past year over 23% of automobile accidents were caused from texting and driving. That's around 1.3 million crashes. It only takes 5 seconds to read a text message. These five seconds your eyes are taken off the road would be like driving 55mph the length of a football field without looking. Over 13% of people ages 18-20 admit to using their device during the time of the accident. Young people are not the only ones that admit to doing this crime. Over 48% of children have watched their parents use a cell while while driving. Only 27% of adults admit to using them. These numbers are high and continue to grow!

Ways to Prevent

Pull Over and Pick up!

There is no text, call, or tweet that is more important then your life or the life of another. If the call or whatever you may need to use your phone for can wait then let it. If not always pull over where it is safe and then handle your device. Even though the negative sides of using a phone and driving have been rising, there are many people that are starting to realize that it's not worth it. Everyone needs to start thinking like this to make the roads safer!

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