Anne Frank

Anne Frank was a young girl who had to go into hiding during world war 2 because she was a Jew. During hiding she had to live with another family she didn't get along with. Anne was an energetic teenager that would always get into arguments during hiding. She had a journal she kept with her, Anne would write in that journal everyday. Or just write in it whenever something happend. Anne wanted to become a writer when she grew up.
I used a pencil for one of the symbols for Anne's love for writing,. Anne wrote in her journal everyday writing what she did that day, or she would tell her journal her secrets and other things know one knew about. When Anne grows up she wanted to become a writer. Anne named her diary kitten, and through out the story Anne's diary is her only friend, and the only thing she can tell her secrets too.
I used a duck for the second symbol because during hiding Anne had to live with another family she did not get alone with. And in that family was a boy named Peter that was about Anne's age. Peter would call Anne Miss. Quack Quack because that's what her teacher called her in school, Peter and Anne went to the same school and Peter heard the students and her teacher call her this. Anne was called Miss. Quack Quack because she would always talk.
The theme for The Diary Of Anne Frank is to always have hope in the toughest times. In act 1 Meip brings the families a little sugar cake, everyone wanted more then the other, but they knew it wouldn't be fair to the to the others. The families never gave up on hope when it came to food. They had a lot of feelings they wouldn't have enough but they always did. They would always give each other the things they needed and they never gave up on hope.
The theme for The Diary Of Anne Frank is to always have courage. When the robber broke into the store below they had to have courage to help them think they weren't going to be seen, or that the robber wouldn't call the police because Peter made a noise while the robber broke in. Another time they had courage was when they were in the attic and they all had courage they were going to get out of the Annex safely and they were all going to survive.