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Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt was a civilization that arose in settlements located in the Grouped the banks of the middle and lower reaches of the Nile River . It had three periods of splendor in the mentioned periods by historians of the Old Kingdom , Middle Kingdom and the New Kingdom .

political and social organization

The organization, administration and society was changing in each period , in the Old Kingdom , the monarchy reached its maximum degree of centralization before falling into the first of the recurring periods of territorial disintegration that occurred throughout Egyptian history.

Administration and finance

The government imposed various taxes , which in the absence of currency were paid in kind, labor or goods. The Tyaty ( vizier ) was responsible for controlling the tax system on behalf of the Pharaoh , through his department. His subordinates should have to date stockpiles and forecasts . Taxes are paid according to the work or income of each peasant (or landowners in subsequent periods ) in agricultural products , artisans with part of their production , and similarly fishermen , hunters, etc.

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Religious periods Egypt can be divided into three, the first serious religion in ancient Egypt , then came the second period after the Roman conquest , the period of Coptic Christianity and later to the conquest of Egypt by Umaribn al-Khattab began the period Islamic religious .

their religion was polytheistic because they believe in many gods that was common at that time.

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