Dian Fossey

By: Tiannah Gu


When Dian Fossey was a little girl she loved animals. That's when she started to all in love with the animals. As she grew older that love for animals just kept getting stronger. She had a dream to go to Africa to study gorillas and that was when her dream came true.


  • She was born is San Francisco, California on January 16th 1939.
  • She was born to Kathrin(can be called Kitty too.) and George III.
  • When she was around the age of 13 years old her dad committed suicide.
  • She went to University of Cambridge in Cambridge, England.
  • She studied to be a vet but didn't have that much interest in it.
  • Then she studied a occupational Therapist and once she got her degree she went to work for some hospital in Louisville, Kentucky.
  • Her real dream though was to go to Africa and study gorillas and that was what happened.
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Professional life

  • She finally got her chance to go to Africa and study gorillas.
  • Each day she got closer and closer to the gorillas.
  • Her favorite ne named Digit died of old age and she was devastated.


Dian Fossey made a difference in everybody's world. She showed her passion for the mountain gorillas.