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Teaching Is A Team Sport

Hello Pillow Panther Staff!

I hope your weekend was great! I'm ready for another great week at Pillow!

As some of you know, I've been training to run my first marathon, which I will take part in next Sunday the 14th (Yes, my Valentine's Day gift to my wife is watching me run 26.2 miles and then passing out on the couch from exhaustion). I've been training a lot for the race and I'm finally ready for the big day and for all of the training to pay off. When I go on training runs I often think about work and I think about y'all, the Pillow staff. I don't train with a running group and my runs are always done solo, so I get a lot of time to reflect. On Saturday I ran my last long training run before the race next weekend, a 10 miler at Town Lake. While on that run, with my knee hurting a little bit and my calves cramping up, I started to think about how my training journey relates to our year at Pillow. We have been putting in months and months of work in order to reach a goal. The goal, like my attempt to finish a marathon, is for our kiddos to be successful. Successful academically, socially, and emotionally. Our goal is for our students to leave our class better than when they entered. My goal in training is to be a better runner than when I started training. And along the way, I've gotten injured, been exhausted, wanted to give up, had great days, etc. In many ways, we go through this as educators too. We have a goal in mind (our students being successful) and we train hard (teach our kiddos every day) but we also have setbacks (kiddos not scoring where we want them to on a test, kiddos not following rules, us being tired from a stressful job) and we have great training days (those days when a kiddo that's struggling finally gets it). In many ways, teaching is like the sport of running. That's what I thought about on my run...until tonight, while watching the Super Bowl.

For those of you who don't care for pro football, the matchup tonight was between the Broncos (considered the underdog team with a quarterback who is beat up and probably playing his last season) versus the Panthers (a team that only lost one game all season and whose 26 year old star quarterback was the MVP of the season). Everyone had the Panthers picked to win this game. But, the Broncos did something that the Panthers didn't do...they played as a team. See, the Panthers had relied on their star quarterback all season long, and in this game, the biggest game of the season, he was shut down. With no one else to turn to, their team lost the battle. But, the Broncos, the underdogs, were able to come out victorious, not because of one payer, but because they played together as a team. Anyone who watched the game knows that the broncos didn't rely on one player and that their game wasn't that exciting or flashy. They were victorious because they played as one unit and were able to rely on one another. Even the MVP of the game was a defensive player. Most of the time the MVP is the flashy quarterback, running back, or receiver. When a defensive player wins the game MVP, you know it was a team effort on both sides of the ball.

So, what am I saying? As cheesy as it might sound, our Pillow Family succeeds, not because we are individuals, but because we are a team of individuals. We don't work in a field where you go at it alone, like a runner does. We work in a field where we are a part of a team and where we have people around us to lean on when we need it. I've said it before, this staff is the best staff I've worked with for many reasons. One of them being the fact that we all chip in wherever we need to in order to get the job done. During this stressful time of the year with STAAR testing and primary assessments and kiddos getting antsy and acting out a little, it can be easy to get down and get frustrated. But we need to be able to lean on one another during these times in order to be order for our kiddos to be successful. We just celebrated the 100th day of school. We are well past the half way point of the school year. We've got a lot of work to do in a short amount of time. Lean on your grade level team, lean on your support staff, lean on your admin, take it a day at a time, know that it's ok to get stressed or frustrated (that means you care about your job and your kiddos), but don't let the stress take over. Don't be an individual only in this profession that is built on teamwork. If you do, you'll end up lonely like the runner, or defeated like the Panthers...having no one to lean on in times of need. Let's be a team, a family, and let's ensure our kiddos are successful...TOGETHER.

-Mr. Hill

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