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Easy Breezy Summer Prep

From Chalkboards to Chromebooks

Do you want meaningful quality curriculum links for easy student Chromebook engagement next fall? Try SAS Curriculum Pathways. This is a win, win, win. Win one, SAS Curriculum Pathways has some great critical thinking lessons, that often come with an essential question for thoughtful higher level thinking outcomes (see below). Win two, teachers lay out the Chromebooks and assign the SAS lesson and students can simple follow directions to get to work. Win three, students get access, direction, and the technology skills appropriate for SBAC built into the SAS sequence of the lesson. This site should be the go-to spot when you need a great Chromebook lesson. If you haven't used SAS Curriculum Pathways much in the past, now might be the time to take this site and our new Chromebooks out for a spin. Click on pictures below to enlarge for logins, passwords and content for all our district databases and save this "Blast" for the fall.

Book Crossings is a brilliant and fun adventure in reading and sharing books. You can find free books and eBooks while you share your used books and eBooks with the world and see who was able to read them over time. They can be shared and shared again, and it's free. I plan to have a Book Crossing Zone next year in our library to facilitate the sharing of books. This is a great site for wild readers, free thinkers, and early adapters that will hopefully help get more kids reading more books. Check it out and let me know what you think. This is new to me too.

Jane Chambers and Janet Alkema

Tip of the Day: If you can't see our Library Destiny Homepage in MyPlan, go to the menu items at the bottom of MyPlan and click from Home to Applications. There, you may find many things you need. This is a great tip for students too. They are always surprised.