Water Shortages in Texas

By: Leah, Gladys, Chelby, & Jullianna

Introduction- Not enough!:(

Recently in Texas we have been dealing with a drought! Lots of people have been wasting water on unnecessary things. Water is mainly used for livestock, mining, manufacturing and many other unnecessary things. We know that its GOOD to use water for these things but we usually use it too much even though it is not needed. So in this article that you are about to read we will be explaining and informing you about the water shortage of Texas.

Proposal/Solution- Saving water at home and the Big solutions

We did some research and found a solution to your problems! First you can start by doing the simple things at home.

1. water your yard and outdoor plants early in the morning or late at night. This helps reduce evaporation.

2. Mulch around outdoor plants to hold water in soil.

3. Use plants that require less water

4. Use a shut-off nozzle on your hose

5. Get an energy star labeled washing machine. And wash only full loads.

6. Use a low flow shower head

7. Take shorter showers, 5 minutes or less is best!

8. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth and soaping your hands.

9. Turn off faucet while scrubbing pots and dishes

10. Install a new toilet that uses less than 1.6 gallons per flush.

11. Put faucet aerators on sink faucets.

12. Use a broom to clean driveways and walkways not a hose!

Those are some simple ways to conserve water a home.

If you do not start preserving water now then our great city of Newark Texas will turn into Wichita Falls. In Wichita Falls they are so low on good water that the city is considering on using recycled toilet water. Here is a few sentences from the article that we have found, "The plan to recycle water became necessary when after three years in drought in Wichita falls the mayor finally announced that Wichita falls is soon going to start using recycled public water to use in our homes. Meaning they will be soon be using toilet water. If you want to learn more about water conservation then simply go to any water foundation websites or any other conservation site. Many of those sites will tell you how to save water and ways you could help out!


Whenever you are using water try not to waste any. If you have water just running down the drain that would be wasting. When the water is not being used turn it off. also taking quicker showers would help too. Droughts can also cause people to lose their businesses. If their water source dries up then their business goes with it. But not only the business people go too. They go where there's more water. So the solution would be to use the least water possible while using any types of water source. If people don't start to help this cause now, it will soon be too late! So save our water now and use it wisely while it lasts.