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You Are The Reason ~ September Award Winners

Richard Ornelas

Richard is an exemplary employee that demonstrates our Credo every day. As the IT lead for all GSO projects. Richard has shown an outstanding degree of leadership, commitment to accuracy, professionalism and has delivered superior customer experiences throughout his work and actions. Richard has balanced all of the GSO work this year with great flexibility, patience partnership and teamwork. Some of this work includes several new center launches with existing partners TeleTech and TechMahindra in Cebu Philippines, as well as, bringing on a new partner in Xerox in November. While balancing this workload, Richard has been a major contributing partner & participant on the BP/IPACD project. Richard has shown his attention to detail in coordinating all network connectivity between business partners, the ICM software upgrade on the partners ACDs as well as the IE11 upgrade. Richard is also involved in the

governance clearance process ensuring all of our Business Partners are following all appropriate policies, access and security measures. Richard has had an extremely challenging year in travel supporting this work, but he’s done so with

integrity, intelligence and humor establishing a trust that not only our team has become accustomed to and appreciates but other groups and Business Partners do as well. He is an exemplary model of our credo.

Nominated By: Karen Berard, Diana Sanchez & Susan Spirlet

The Care Power Coach Team

Michelle Butler, Sheryl Armstead, Gregory Bell, Danielle Gibson & Kanari Haywood cheerfully took on the enormous task of launching Power Coach to the GSO CSSC offices without a formal work request or dedicated IT support. The Butler team has been performing their normal job on top of all the implementation work for the last 5 months.

If launching a system isn't challenging enough, they had to address first time issues of launching Power Coach to external partners AND to external partners offshore!

Their dedication, determination, and teamwork will produce a flawless launch to GSO partners by the end of September.

Nominated By: Susan Pearson

Together Everyone Achieves More

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