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Week of September 28, 2015 - B WEEK


We had some great mindfulness time yesterday. My intention was to find my August 1st self, the one ready for anything that staff or students would throw my way. The one where I'm mentally and physically sharp.

When I got home I looked for this other set of intentions:

B. F. Yancey Elementary School is seeking creative and collaborative elementary teachers/specialists to transform the school into a one that has the highest expectations for engagement, collaboration, and achievement. As part of a team, you will build a multi-age environment that allows students to learn and grow in ways that challenge them to reach their dreams. Successful teachers/specialists in this model must: Have a strong desire to work and achieve as part of a team, Have strong student-centered pedagogical skills, Have an ability to create a structured but flexible environment, Allow students to pursue their own interests, Be creative in finding ways to enrich the opportunities that students are given, Have experience designing curricular units and lessons that are interdisciplinary and engaging, Be willing to participate in extensive professional development including courses and working with instructional coaches, Have strong communication skills with peers and parents, Be energized by challenges and coworkers.

With such a lofty set of intentions I think that our path will be full of fits and starts, but just like in the picture Tish shared with us below, it "appears" to have direction.

We're off to a great start thanks to you,
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Shout Outs

D'Ann - How about those Pirates!?!

Great staff effort at the assembly - and I heard some good conversations afterwards!

Maggie and Marie - Four can be a lot of adults, and you're doing a great job navigating and enriching the student experience.



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Craig out of building Friday for second VDOE Priority Meeting

Cardboard challenge next Friday - we'll start planning on Thursday

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