A Wrinkle in Time

The book

Symbolism-The Red eyed man

In the book, the protagonist is the red eyed man. The red eyed man represents evil and anger. He fights against Meg to keep Charles Wallace as his personal slave. He fights a battle, but as love is much more stronger than hate. He lost, and forever lead with only evil

Quote-" I won't help Meg!" (pg.175). This shows the control over the evil.


Fortinbras is an allusion in A Wrinkle in Time. Fortinbras is a character from Hamlet. Fortinbras is the prince that represents courage and love.
Kenneth Branagh talks Hamlet ~ Fortinbras


Meg, in the beginning of the book is very insecure about herself. Then later she learns she is worth more and she also allows herself to love Calvin O'keefe. And they have a strong connection. But they don't have the only love relationship. Meg also loves Charles, their love is so strong it can save a life even when someone is mezmorized by a crazy red eyed man. Love is a very strong theme in the book.
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