Kind Kids in Kindergarten

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May 9 - 13, 2016

This week's focuses were:

-Silent E, Continued
-Fact Families

-Plant Life Cycle

-Butterfly Life Cycle Project

-Musical Practice

Field Trip Fun

We didn't let a bit of rain prevent us from having a pleasant afternoon away from Chesterbrook! Third graders helped our students complete a scavenger hunt through the library, then had about a half hour to peruse books of their choice, reading alone and/or with buddies. The day concluded with a sheltered lunch at the park.
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Today's Number

This week we've started doing our Today's Number as a class collaborative effort on the board for morning work. Students have really innovated great ways to show the same number differently. Each day I have increased the target number by one, and I was so pleased to hear students say they built upon what they used the day before to make the new day's number!
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Our Good Vibe Jar...

..gets fuller by the day!

Examples from this week:
-"That was the best field trip ever!" -Ali
-Classmates high-fiving each other

-"Aaron was helpful 'cuz he held by bag!" -Caleb

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Another good vibe was Charles and Leo sharing the wooden blocks during indoor recess, and they were soon joined by Aaron, and later Jayden, to collaborate and create quite the elaborate "movie theater"! I just had to take a picture of their hard work!

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Plant Life Cycle

As we continue observing the Butterfly Life Cycle, the class is now also learning about the plant life cycle! Students each got to put a soaked green pea plant in a baggie hung on the window for us to be able to observe when the root sprouts out of the seed! (or as we have compared it to, the plant's "egg"!)
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Students prepare their seed bag as I model how to moisten the paper towel and "tuck in" their plant! Below, you can also see Aadhya and Saanvi G. working on our multi-day Plant Parts and Plant Life Cycle foldable "craftivity".

Reading Buddies: Orange you glad I DID say banana?

Are any of you parents familiar with the Australian program "Bananas in Pajamas"? It's an old TV and book series I personally loved as a kid, and is just what it sounds like: its two stars are B1 and B2, two bananas in pajamas, who get into silly hijinks with their friend bears and sneaky neighbor Rat. After finding one of their story collections on Amazon for $0.01 (!), I've been sharing the stories with our class and during Reading Buddies. As a treat, the students then got to create their own Banana in Pajama! While icing makes for less fashionable pjs than in the book, it sure was tasty ... !
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Have a great weekend!