Energy and Fossil fuels

By: Haley

What is energy

Energy is a source of power. Energy can be made by solar power, wind turbines and water power. There are other types of energy such as fossil fuels, coal and petrol. We use energy for many different things like lights, electronics, elevators...We need energy to power all these diffrent things.

What are fossil fuels and how we get them

Fossil fuels are dead plants and animals. These dead plants and animals have been under ground for millions of years. We get the fossil fuels by finding them in the ground. We collect the fossil fuels by using a rotating drill to dig in the ground and then a type of pipe called a casing collects the fossil fuels from under ground. We use fossil fuels to power lots of things: electronics, lights, cars, factories and mostly every thing we use that uses energy.

what fossil fuels are doing to the planet and the things inside it

Fossil fuels release carbon dioxide when they are burned to create energy and the plants breath in carbon dioxide then they breath out oxygen and we breath in that oxygen. When we create all that carbon and at the same time cutting down all the trees, we are causing the sea to become more acidic, the climate to change, the carbon dioxide levels rising and icebergs melting. When the icebergs melt that causes sea levels to rise. The animals are having a harder time serviveing they are becoming extinct, lots of fish are dying from the sea being to acidic for them to live. Polarbears and penguins are dying because they are traped on icebergs that may be far away from any other icebergs and they will dye of starvation, they may drown because lack of sleep and many other reasons. We aren't just killing the planet we are killing the people who use the fossil fuels the least.

What we can do to reduce Carbon dioxide

We don't need to always take the car we can ride a bike and walk. We can turn off are lights when we don't need them. We can save electricity by turning the brightness down on your phone. We can use less electricity and fossil fuels. We shouldn't throw garbage on the ground we should put it in the trashcan.

What the governments are doing

The UN is trying to reduce carbon dioxide by telling all the governments that produce a lot of carbon like the US and China to minimize the production. China has pledged that they will minimize half of there carbon production. The US pledge to minimize a lot of there production. Lots of these countries have pledged to minimize carbon realise but that is not enough we need to stop realising carbon are else the tempeture will keep on rising. We need to try to youse more solar power, wind turbines and water power.
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My opinion

We need to act now or else or world and the things inside it will die and there are no other planets to go to that we can live on that we know of. So we need to take care of are planet.