GDP Country Comparison



World Rank

GDP - purchasing Power: 23

Growth Rate: 95

GDP per Capita: 75


Agriculture: 9.3%

Industry: 29.7%

Service: 61%

Myanmar (Burma)

World Ranks

GDP - Purchasing Power: 71

Growth Rate: 26

GDP per Capita: 201


Agriculture: 38%

Industry: 20.3%

Service: 41.7%

Comparing The Numbers

Argentina, or the rich country, seemed richer than Myanmar and my research proves that. The world ranking shows that because the richer country has a better ranking compared to the rest of the world. The world ranking helps by showing how well the country does compared to the rest of the world.

The GDP a sector shows that both countries use money on services because you can not import services from other countries. The poor country uses more money on agriculture because they can not rely on imports of food to sustain a country.