Luxirant lands: Blackland Prairie

By: Jaden Neill

History of the Blackland Prarie

The Black land Prairie was formed by the rocks formed a large piece of land that stretches 19,400 miles. The Black land prairie was found by the Romans. Thousands of years later the pilgrims came and called the land the luxuriant prairie. As you see the red in the image below is the Black land prairie.

How was it formed

The Black land prairie was formed by the rain eroding rocks and sediment.Ice wedging which is when water seeps into a crack in the rock and freezes then expands and pushes the rock apart.

The Weather

The Black land Prairie receives 35-40 inches of rain per year.Hot summers and cold winters.The temperature is in the 90's in the summer and 30-40 in the winter.


The Black land Prairie has red foxes, grizzly bears,and pronghorn antelopes. These animals are protected by the government. So that means you can't hunt!!

Some of Endangered species and or diseased


What kind of activities are there

There is also bird watching with over 300 different species!! There is also many types of trees if you are into studying different types of trees.You can even camp in the woods if you desire or have a picnic.