GMO Is Not The Way To Go

Study Your Food Before You Eat It

What is GMO?

A GMO is a genetically modified organism. These organisms contain various genes from many different species to make the organism last longer, it make them larger, more tasty, etc. In America, the "Farm Fresh Tomato" you just ate is most likely the offspring of a tomato that has been in a lab getting its DNA transferred. These foods contain many chemicals that are not naturally found in it. Many of those chemicals are harmful and not what you want to have in your crops. In recent years, the amount of GMOs in the USA has skyrocketed. It is very difficult to find a true organic organism now.

Why GMO Should Be Banned

They Are Unhealthy

You may think, "Why is GMO so bad? It makes our food bigger, tastier, and fresh for longer." Don't be deceived by this trick. Scientists and the government are working together to make us feel that we are getting all of the essential nutrients, when really, we get dozens of chemicals and unnatural genes along with these nutrients. These chemicals are not meant for us to be consumung so regularly. When people go to the doctor, many times, the doctor with suggest a GMO free diet. Consuming GMO can lead to organ damage, immune system disorders, accelerated aging, and infertility. Since 1996, when GMO was introduced, Americans with more than three chronic illnesses increased from 7% to 13%.

Cross Pollination

After a field of GMO is planted, the pollen with travel to a nearby farm, contaminating that farm. This process repeats itself each harvest and each time more GMO is produced. Once these genes enter the organism, it is impossible to remove them fully.

The Government Is Very Relaxed

The FDA doesn't require safety studies for these foods, they don't require labeling of these foods, and also, companies are allowed to put the genetically modified products on supermarket shelves without notifying the agencies. These companies excuse was that "There is not much of a difference between genetically modified and non-genetically modified organisms." Also, since the White House has promoted biotechnology, they are encouraging these companies to use them.

GMO Harm The Environment

GMOs not only affect humans and our bodies, but they have a major effect on the environment. The herbicides used in GMOs can harm the environment and affect animals. They reduce biodiversity and pollute water.

GMO In The United States

The United States has the highest rate of GMOs in the world. This is a sign. We also are the most obese and unhealthy developed country. There must be a connection between these two facts. Obviously, GMO is unhealthy and is rapidly contributed to our nations health.

How You Can Help

You can help everyday to remove GMOs from our daily diets. By eating foods without GMO you are helping. If enough people boycott these foods, the major companies will run out of money to produce more.