Library Lookout

September 19, 2014

Ticket to Read - ENTER R-CBM SCORES!

Student accounts are set up and ready to go! Usernames and passwords are saved in Shared --> Highland --> Voyager.

Also in the folder:

--parent letter

--teacher admin passwords (use to add scores and change reading level)

Teachers: YOU MUST ENTER R-CBM scores!
(Clickable link at very bottom of this email)

Enter username and password
Click My Class
Enter R-CBM scores
Click Save Changes

Sub Laptops

Now housed in the office under Anna's desk.

End of the Year Slideshow

It's never too early to start adding photos for the end of the year slideshow!

Shared--> Highland --> Slideshow --> 2014-15

Resize Your Screen

Does your laptop make the screen itty-bitty when it's docked to your Smartboard? Here's how to fix it:

  • right click on your desktop
  • hover on Panel Fit
  • hover on Built-in Display
  • click Scale Full Screen

Book Wizard App

Scholastic's Book Wizard is now available in app format! You can scan or speak the title to search.

Search for "Scholastic Book Wizard Mobile."

Canvas Passwords

Please remind your students that Canvas passwords should NOT be reset. Many teachers are adding a reminder on their homepage so that parents know this as well.

If a password reset is needed, email Anna and myself to increase your chances of getting it done quickly.


This is the only set of earbuds students will receive. Please remind them to treat the earbuds with care.

As I'm working with students on the earbuds, I have a few suggestions:

--transfer the earbuds to a bigger ziploc bag
--keep the earbuds in a basket in your classroom rather than in a students desk, locker, or bookbag to decrease damage
--collect the extra spongy pieces and either keep in one ziploc in your classroom or give them to me for safekeeping

If you have students who did NOT get headphones, please let me know. When more come in, Anna and I will distribute them.

Computer Problems/Complaints

Please let me know of any problems with the student computers.

-printers installed
-every student has their own H:/ to save their work
-added Starfall, Ticket to Read, and ABCya to Student Programs
-printing multiple pictures to the Pear printer

Please restart your classroom computers at least once a week for the computers health and for updates.

Highland LMC

Happy reading!

~Daphna, Natalie, and Lisa