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Overexposed... This book is about a girl named Daisy Garcia like to put on a show Of what she has so when her boyfriend Simon and he asked her for some bad photos.She sends him some because he wouldn't show them to anyone, right? But when they have a bad breakup she dose not know if he will show anyone.but when she finds out what he dose with them she will be shocked.

How the characters change

Daisy changed because at first she likes to show of. And then in the mettle she is so sad at what Simon did that she wants to drop out of the talent show but at the end she dose perform and she dose good. the character i relate to the most is Daisy because when the going go hard she did not give up and i don't give up or guit the person in did not like was Simon because what he did was not OK to do and it was the worst thing he could have done to Daisy and this did remind me of the book and movie cyrper bully

The theme

The theme of the book was no matter what some think or not worth saying or sending to hurt some one.

one more think dont send something if you only want one person to see it because you never know i will see it or hear it.

there a lot of book that have a lot of the same theme