Studying for Math Unit Tests

Here's the best way to prepare...

Let's start with what NOT to do...

- casually rereading the textbook or your math notes

- making up your own skill questions to answer

- hoping that you've correctly done questions from the textbook without checking

Here's what you should do...

First: Practice! Try questions from the textbook that relate to the skills you have learned. Or have a friend or parent create a question if they feel confident enough to do so.

Next: Check you answers! Some answers actually appear in the textbook. Others you can check with a friend, with a parent, or with your teacher (if you really aren't sure). If you don't check your answers, you may not realize that you are practicing a technique that will not result in the correct answer. Yikes!

You'll feel most prepared by studying a little bit each day...

Want some other suggestions?

Try studying with a partner. You could each work on the questions independently and then check your answers with each other to see if they match. If your answers don't match, one of you will have an immediate tutor to help you, and the other one may reinforce their learning by becoming the teacher.

Use the textbook as a resource. Find questions to practice in the mid-chapter and chapter reviews, as well as the skills bank and problem bank. Remember that the boxed numbers along the sides refer to the lesson numbers from that chapter.

Try the Nelson Mathematic website. It's an online way to try questions from many lessons in the textbook's lessons. Use this link:

Then click on the name of your textbook, the "Student Center" link, the "Try It Out" link, and then the chapter and lesson you would like questions for.

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