What makes you laugh?

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Why does comedy matter?

Imagine a world without comedy. No outbursts, no guffaws, and no chuckles. What kind of world is that? But thanks to comedy, everyone can have a good time and laugh a while using different levels of comedy including low and high level comedy.

The Truth about Comedy

Comedy isn't that complicated, although it has a lot of complex techniques and ideas. You might have heard of the pun, a the humorous use of a word or words to suggest another word with the same sound or different meaning. Or maybe you have heard of a one liner, a short joke or witty comment that is usually expressed in a single sentence.
Obama & Putin Phone Conversation on "Tonight Show"

Descriptions and Intended Responses of Humor

There are a lot of different types of descriptions of humor which include sarcastic, which uses irony to mock or convey contempt. There is also a term called being 'ironic', which happens in an opposite way that is expected.

Some common intended responses are the following:
1. Smile: An expression showing happiness or pleasure
2. Chuckle: To laugh quietly to one self.
3. Titter: A nervous laugh or giggle.

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Challenge and Champions 2014. Language Arts. Secrets of Comedy. Ms. Jamarla Johnson