Welcome to California-LA

The Golden State


Los Angeles (aka LA) is located in southern California with many cool and interesting places to visit. There is something for everyone here. Be sure to come with money to enjoy the historic places and events in the city and outside of it.

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Places to go

A fun place to visit for both kids and adults and even the elderly is the Santa Monica Board Walk. It is open 24 hours so anyone can go at anytime. It's on the beach so bring sun screen, and money for food and drinks.

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Places to stay

There are many places to stay in Los angeles but there are a few where the whole family will love and it's not a fortune to stay at per night. A great place to stay is the Double tree suites in SantaMonica, it's right on the water .

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Climate and weather

Los Angeles is a great place to go in the summer and it does get chilly in the fall and winter.
it's usually 68 degrees in the month of July. Also though in the month of July , LA has close to the most precipitation that year.

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Latitude and Longitude

The Latitude is 35 56 and the Longitude is 118 23.

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Food/ Restuarants

Some great places in LA to eat vary. There are fast food, sit downs, fancy, and causal places to eat with your friends and family including:In and out burger, Porto's bakery/cafe, and many others that are open to all and not to expencive.

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