Princess Insecurities

Do you think you are over analyzing the Walt Disney's princess theme?

Due to the high amount of reports on children having low confidence, a large dependence of men, and becoming then person they are not, children are dealing with poor qualities of life. Over analyzing these specific situations is something to be ashamed of. Children should not have these problems in their life especially so early in life.

Which Disney princess expresses the most envious traits?

All the Disney Princesses express envious traits of beauty and a perfect life. To young girls the most influential princess depends on them. Some girls might look at how beautiful the princess is, what type of life they have, the characters surrounding them, or who their prince is.

What type of problems might children encounter?

This depends on the child and what they admire most of the princess. This can be the way they look making children believe they don't look like a princess and may start to have an eating disorder to loss weight to be skinny like all the other Disney princess's. Another problem they can encounter is how princess's act girls can strive to be their favorite princess and start to act like them by not participating in activity's that princess's, having all the merchandise, and wearing what a princess wear.

Why is it so easy for a young girl to pick up the wrong message from each film?

Children learn from their surroundings and can easily pick up from what they see. If they see a beautiful princess it comes naturally that they will want to be like them. Furthering their love for Princess's. When the prince comes to the rescue his bride to be, children are learning they do not have to work for what they want and that men will provide it for them.

What is the message Disney trys to portray?

The message Disney wants to encourage from young viewers is to be more excepting to different genders and be open to receive help from others. Disney does not realize the long term effect they are putting on young girls. Although girls may be more open to the opposite gender they may become to reliant from the help of others.