Math Minute

January/February 2020

Important February Dates:

February 14- NO School (Professional Development Day)

February 17- NO SCHOOL Presidents' Day

February 28- Early Release- Dismissal at noon

OST Preparation and Calculator Use

MYP students will be taking the Ohio State Tests in Math on April 21st (Part 1) and April 23rd (Part 2). This assessment measures grade level content knowledge. Students are permitted to use a calculator for some of the questions. If the objective is to assess whether or not a student can calculate with decimals, for instance, a calculator would not be permitted. However, if the objective of a question is to see if a student knows which operation(s) to use to solve a problem a calculator may be permitted. The calculator that the OST assessment utilizes is the Desmos calculator (it pops up right on the screen as a resource if the student is allowed to use it!). We use this calculator in class whenever it is appropriate, as to acclimate students to using it. You can access/use the Desmos calculator by clicking the link below.

2nd Semester Student Led Conferences

It's hard to believe we are already half way through 3rd quarter! (Progress Reports will be coming out next week!). With that, we already have our minds on 2nd semester reflection and Student Led Conferences! Please save the date-Wednesday, March 18th we will have our Spring round of SLC. Invitations to sign up for your conference time will be coming soon!

7th Grade Statistics Projects

7th graders ended the semester with completing and presenting their statistics projects. Students created surveys to collect data, or created a condition for collecting data. We had questions about preference of gaming systems, hair color, shoe brands and school subjects as well as physical feats such as holding plank and hula-hooping! The students enjoyed this real-world application of all of the concepts we covered in this unit. They especially learned the reality of what happens when things don't go the way you planned, and how to address that when sharing results!

6th Grade Global Context Inquiry

6th graders ended the semester with an inquiry about the use of percents and proportions to represent inequality in the world. They had a chance to collaborate with a partner and look at various graphs and charts that shared information about the availability (or lack of) resources (food and money) and opportunities (jobs). Students were surprised by some of the data. Links to a couple of our favorite resources are below.

CIS 2nd Annual Career Day

We are looking forward to our 2nd annual Career Day at CIS! Career Day 2020 will be held on Friday, March 20th. PYP students will enjoy having visitors to their classrooms, while MYP students will select 3 presentations to attend (just like a mini conference!). Please feel free to share (or use!) the following link to sign up to volunteer. This is an excellent way to showcase our participation in the CIS community. We are getting ready to create the schedule for this exciting day. Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

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