Math Minute

December 2019

Important December Dates:

December 6th- EARLY RELEASE, 12:00

December 20th- End of 2nd quarter/1st semester

December 20th- Winter break begins, end of the school day (students return Tuesday, 1/7/2020)

Winter NWEA

The Winter NWEA testing window has opened. Unfortunately I don't have the dates MYP is testing, yet. I will be sure to inform parents/families via Remind, Twitter and email when we know the schedule for MYP. It will be some time in the first 2 weeks of this month.

2nd Quarter Progress Reports

2nd quarter progress reports were distributed to students on Tuesday, 11/26. Please make sure that if your child has any missing work or assignments that need to be completed that they follow up with their teachers in the next few weeks. The end of the quarter is approaching quickly! If any students are planning on completing and submitting redos for any assessments or other assignments graded on a rubric they need to see me as soon as possible. I am available most mornings before classes start, and most days during lunch/recess. I will be grading notebooks, textbooks and planners in the next few weeks as well be make sure students are fully participating and keeping up with our class routines and practice.

6th Grade Unit of Inquiry

Over the next few weeks 6th graders will be making connections between their exploration of the concepts of proportion and percents and ways to measure opportunities, or lack there-of, around the world.

Statement of Inquiry: The proportion model and other systems can be used to illuminate privilege and inequality in a variety of real-world scenarios.

Key and Related Concepts: Logic, Model, Systems

Global Context: Fairness and Development

Factual/Conceptual and Debatable Questions: How are proportions used in the real world? How can you tell if two entities are in proportion? Which is better- purchasing large amounts to save a few cents or purchasing what you need? Is it better to drive farther for a good deal or stay closer to home and pay a little bit more?

7th Grade Unit of Inquiry

The 7th graders have been becoming very knowledgeable of ways to collect data to answer statistical questions about topics they are interested in. This will culminate in a final project for which students will:

Select 2 populations to compare

Pose a statistical question for which data can be collected for these populations

Design and carry out a plan to collect data

Present the data/results (histogram, dot plot, box plot)

Statement of Inquiry:Representations illuminate relationships between ideas, feelings, nature, culture, beliefs and values

Key and Related Concepts: Relationships, Generalization, Representation

Global Context: Personal and Cultural Expression

Factual/Conceptual/Debatable Questions:What type of representations best suits this data? Is this a statistical question? How does the validity of a sample affect the results?

**The January Issue of Math Minute will be combined with the February issue due to the break/holidays**

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