You Drink......You Don't Think!!!

How alcohol can have a negative effect on you.

Limit Your Drinks!!!

Judgement, attention and control become impaired. People make poor decisions like driving after drinking alcohol. As a person drinks more they may become emotionally unstable, can lose their memory, have poor balance, coordination and blurry vision. They may not be able to walk and their speech may become hard to understand. They can vomit and lose consciousness.

Drinking and driving is illegal!

It is illegal to drive while you are intoxicated. In Connecticut if your blood has over a .08% alcohol you can be arrested and put into jail. You will also lose your license It is very dangerous to drink and drive. There were 92 drunk driving deaths in CT since 2011.


If you drink too much in one night it can cause death. Once the level of alcohol in your blood reaches 37% you can die. This is about 12 drinks. If the level of alcohol in the blood reaches %45 it is fatal to almost all individuals.

Griffin Tomas ~ Health 6C ODD

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