Interactive Whiteboard Resources

Elementary Instructional Technology

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This collection of web resources will make it easy for you to begin having your students interact with your whiteboard. Keep in mind that you can also use any online resources that are available through your textbook series, as well.

Online Books

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These are a few of our favorite resources for online books. Each of these are free for teachers. To access, you will have to create an account.

Math Manipulatives

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These two resources are awesome to incorporate into your math lessons. These can be used to model concepts for your students and then have them come up to practice.


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These resources have activities at various grade levels and subject areas. Check them out to see what you can use in an upcoming lesson. These could also be used if you set your interactive whiteboard up as a center.

Resources with PDFs

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These resources can be used with the Transparent Background screen option in Smart Notebook or they can be snipped into Notebook slides using the Camera tool.

Find a Lesson

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The Smart Exchange allows you to search for pre-created lessons that can be downloaded and modified to be used in your classroom with the Smart Notebook software. A free account is needed in order to download lessons

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