Persuasive Techniques

Best Technequies to Persaude Someone

Appeal to authority

appeal to authority is when people try to convince the government to put there product on the internet or on a billboard to make people want to buy there product

Appeal to emotion

Appeals to emotion include appeals to fear, envy, hatred, pity, pride etc....

Appeal to ethics

Appeal to ethics is a method of persuasion that's based on the author's credibility.A doctor will cite his medical credentials to appeal to you as a patient to try his course of treatment. A scientist will let his experimental expertise convince you that his conclusions are correct.


Argumentation is a way to persuade somebody by arguing about to products with various reasons to prove that your object or product is better or makes you feel some type of way


Argument is similar to Argumentation except you are not arguing over TWO products you are just talking about one product but still using your reasons

Appeal to Logic

Appeal to Logic is a method of persuasion based on evidence and using common logic.It's one of the three most important tools of persuasion.Like a lawyer building his case, you need to gather evidence to support your logic. For example, if your main idea focuses on nutritional healing, you should rely heavily on reliable research for evidence.