The Rigsby Reader 4.13.15

Updates from Room 311

Classroom Wishlist

  • Dry Erase Markers (where are they going!?)
  • Tissues
  • Snacks

Dates to Remember:

  • April 13th: Classroom Pictures & Individual Make Up ,Drop off Medication for Raleigh Trip in Mrs. Locke's room 3p-6p, Raleigh Chaperone Meeting 6pm-7pm
  • April 14th: Spirit Night @ Wildwings between 4 and 8 pm. Claxton Morning Music Groups will perform at 6 pm. Turn in your receipt at the restaurant and 10 % will be donated to our school.
  • April 15th: Asheville Middle School Strings Assembly
  • April 16th: Arrive at 6:30-6:45 for Raleigh Trip! *MORE INFO BELOW*
  • April 16th: ACS will be hosting a strategic planning input session for parents, staff, students and community members on Thursday, April 16, from 6 pm until 7 pm. This is an opportunity for your voice to be heard and provide your input on the school district's new three year plan. It is so important that you attend this session.
  • April 17th: 6:30 Pm Arrive Back at School from Raleigh
  • April 24th-26: Claxton School Play!

Parent Conference

If you'd like to schedule a parent conference to discuss your child's progress and growth in 4th grade- please call the classroom 828-350-6525, or send me an email at . I have some great MAP data for Math and Reading that we could look at together.

Chaperone Meeting

Mandatory Chaperone Meeting- April 13th-6-7pm

We will go over room assignments, medication, and your responsibilities. If you are a Chaperone and cannot attend this meeting- please let me know so that we can schedule a time to meet before the trip to go over your packet of information.

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What We Are Learning

  • Reading- We are continuing with Our Strategy Groups this week. We are also working on finding the meaning of new words by using Context Clues.
  • Math- This week we are going to become masters of Mixed Numbers & Improper Fractions. We will be adding/subtracting as well as multiplying by a whole number.
  • Writing- We are publishing our NC Books! Students need to turn in their Friendly Letter about Spring Break as Well!
  • Social Studies- We are continue to discuss the Cherokee Native Americans- in preparation for the Mural!

Raleigh Trip Information/Reminders:


Your child must have a paper filled out, signed by a doctor, and on file in order for us to give your child any type of medicine on the trip (including sunscreen). If your child needs another form, please let me know. We will have medicine drop off at school in Mrs. Locke's room on Monday, April 13 from 3:00-6:00. The medicine must be in the actual bottle or box that it came in (no ziplock bags). If your child has a medicine that they must take every day, you may come early on Thursday to sign it in to your teacher. (If you are a chaperone you do not need to give the medicine to us, instead you will be administering it to your child.)


What to Wear on Thursday Morning

Your child needs to wear comfortable clothing and comfortable shoes. They will be walking A LOT. We recommend pants with pockets!

Carry On Size Suitcase

Your student can pack one small suitcase (carry on size or smaller). This suitcase will be placed UNDER the Young Tour Bus, and your child will NOT have access to this bag until we unload at the hotel late that evening.

  • Pajamas

  • Outfit for Day 2 (on the bus, NC Zoo)

  • Sunglasses / Hat to keep the sun off their face

  • Comfortable Shoes (same as day 1/different)

  • Clean Socks if Necessary

  • Toiletries (Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, brush)

Bookbag for the Bus

Anything your child needs on the bus, or in Raleigh (Museums, Dinner, Planetarium) should be in a separate bag (no larger than a backpack) with them on the bus. These items may include:

  • Spending Money and Camera

  • Small/Quiet Activity

    • Uno, Puzzle Book, Book to Read (Nothing Messy, or difficult to clean up)

  • Neck Pillow / Small Blanket

  • Water Bottle (Water only)

Spending Money

There are gift shops in the History Museum, Science Museum, Planetarium, and Zoo. If the students choose to bring spending money they may purchase things in the gift shops when they go through with their groups. PLEASE do not send your students with a check or credit card. Students are responsible for keeping up with their own money and items that they purchase. The chaperones will not be holding, or managing money or items.

Tech Devices

Students may bring devices to take photos. If the device is also a iPad- it may NOT be used for anything other than taking photos.

Students may bring a cell phone to use as a camera. At the hotel, students may place a call to their parents for a short conversation in front of their chaperone. The cell phone will then be placed on the dresser while they sleep. No texting is allowed, please do not text or call your child at all during the trip. If you have an emergency and need to speak with your child- you may contact your child’s homeroom teacher.

Your child’s chaperone and teacher are NOT responsible for any tech devices brought. If at any time, a tech device is being misused (texting, inappropriate photos, games, music, apps) chaperones will confiscate the device and return it to the homeroom teacher. Your child will not get their device back for the remainder of the trip.


Your child will find out his/her roommate assignment this week before we go on the trip. They will receive a paper with their roommate assignments, chaperone that they will be assigned to, and teacher cell phone information (in case of emergencies).

Finding Mrs. Rigsby

If your child has a change in how they are going home- please send a note with your child or call the classroom and leave a message. I try to check my email often- but once I'm teaching, I don't stop! Please let me know how I can help your student be successful.