Air-Sea connection

How are the air and sea connected?

How are the atmosphere and the ocean connected?

Temperature of air and water

The temperature of the ocean and air help determine the weather. The more clouds that are present, the less rays from the sun will break through, cooling the Earth.

Not everyone understands the Atmosphere-Sea connection.

How does the ocean effect the atmosphere? Why do the temperatures depend on weather? How are the wind patterns essential for predicting temperature?


Temperature can depend on many different factors: Cloud cover, wind patterns, weather.


Weather mainly depends on temperatures and wind patterns. Different temperature winds can mix and cause storms.


Winds rely on temperatures from all over the world. Hot and cold air rise and sink and this causes them to blow.


The atmosphere reacts with the sea by bouncing Radiation waves from the sun through the clouds and reflecting back up into the atmosphere. Some of the radiation waves are absorbed by the ocean and some of the waves are absorbed in the clouds and atmosphere.