I-Search Can work for YOU

Research Skills that can help with your Holocaust Project

4 Easy I-Search Steps

I-Search means "I can search successfully!"

Follow these simple easy-to use steps to complete your Holocaust assignment for Mrs. Decker.

Step 1: Select a Topic

How do I select a topic? Start with your assignment sheet from your teacher.

Review and highlight key terms or descriptions.

Decide what you want to learn more about: a certain person from the Holocaust history or a specific concentration camp?

Think and explore what you are interested in.

Step 2: Find Information

At this step, you will generate questions and explore resources.

In your own words, write some questions down about the person or camp you want answered.

Now, start exploring resources. You may be asking yourself, where do I go for resources?

Background information can be found in textbooks, non-fiction books, biography books, class notes, and even Wikipedia. Continue with other resources on the internet such as websites, databases, blogs, pod-casts, and videos. Don'f forget your librarian is a resource, too.

Example set of questions for a biography.

Let's say you want to research Anne Frank.

Here are some possible questions you could write down to guide your research.

Who was she? Why was she important? Where did she live? What happened during the Holocaust time period? When did this time period occur? How old was she?

Step 3: Use Information

During this step you will Take Notes and Analyze Resources.

As you view resources, be sure to check for validity and accurate information. Is this resource a valuable resources? Does it have accurate information? Does it offer information for to support or answer my questions?

Use your questions to take notes. Use the resources to answer your questions.

Remember the following tips from your librarian:

  • .edu and .org are better than plain old .com websites
  • you want to use a variety of resources or medias to gather your information
  • use the note-card method to gather information and cite resources (notes on one side and resource information on the back) - this will help you with your citation on your final product

Step 4: Develop a Final Product

Share and Communicate your research. Decide how you want to present information from your research.

Review your assignment sheet from Mrs. Decker. She listed a variety of ways to compose your final product. Pick one that interests you and start putting your research notes into your final product. When done, review your work to make sure you are satisfied with it. Is it your best work?

Share your research work and submit it.

Common Core Connection

PA Common Core Standards

  • CC.1.2.G - Integration of Knowledge and Ideas: Diverse Media
  • CC.1.3.G, H, K - Integration of Knowledge and Ideas: Sources of Text and Text Analysis; Range of Reading
  • CC.1.4.S, U, V, W - Respond to Literature; Technology/ Publication; Conducting Research; Credibility, Reliability, and Validity of Resources
  • CC.8.5 - Students read, understand, and respond to informational text - with emphasis on textual evidence.
  • CC.8.6 - Students write for different purposes and audiences. Students write clear and focused text to convey a well-defined perspective and appropriate content.
  • CC.15.4.K, L - Digital Media; Technology Research

Developed by your High School Librarian in collaboration with Mrs. Decker, 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher

Stop into the library during 8th period, open library time, to work on your research and get help if needed.

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