Mapping the Road to My Career


My Goals

Career Goal: My career goal is to become a psychiatrist.

Short-Term Goal: A goal I hope to achieve in the next year is to pass all my classes. With a least A’s and B’s.

Long-Term Goal: A goal I hope to achieve in the next few years to help me achieve my career goals to pay for/pass college.

Career Requirements

Educational Requirements: Bachelor's Degree.

Certification: Addiction Psychiatry, Pain Medicine, Sleep Medicine, Forensic Psychiatry, Adolescent and child psychiatry.

Training Requirements: Doctor of Medicine.


Name of College: Los Angeles City College

Location of College: Los Angeles,California

Major: Psychology

Cost for 1 year: 10,904

Accomplishments, and Interests

Accomplishments: *Save up enough money to actually go to that school.
*Get good grades.

Interests: Read, Watch movies, Surf web.

Steps to reach my goal

1. Graduate from high school.

2. Get into college

3. Get a part time job.

4. Pay for college.

5. Finish college.

6. Apply for a job to be a Psychologist.

7. Be a Psychologist.

Success: Professional and Personal

Professional Success: My job might be being a psychiatrist. I don’t know where i'll be working. I might be living in Los Angeles.

Personal Success: I’ll be kinda old when im actually gonna be able to be a psychiatrist. I’m not sure if i’m gonna get married because I don’t know if i’m gonna get proposed to, if i don’t get married i want to adopt a child, I want him/her to be like a teen cause usually they don’t get adopted. I don’t know if a mustang is a expensive car or not but yeah, i really want a mustang I also want a motorcycle. My dream house is a two story house with a front and back lawn. I might have lots of money because of the job that i want.