A challenging but fun memory game

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Developer – Snowman

Age – 11 years +

Skill – Memory

Score – 82/100

Price – Free (usually £0.79 / $0.99)

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App Summary

Circles is a great twist on the classic ‘Simon Says’ style of visual memory game. Users have to watch and then try to repeat increasingly long sequences by pressing coloured circles on screen.

Circles includes four modes of play: Practice, Levels, Top Score, and Multi-player. Practice is a great place to start and allows users to hone their memory skills without any pressure. Levels gets users to work their way section-by-section through 120 levels. Section 1 starts off very gently with just two circles (blue and orange) present and in the first round users are only required to remember two taps. However, the difficulty level increases quickly and to complete the section users need to be able to remember a sequence of 16 taps. No easy task, believe you me!

The Top Score mode challenges players to memorize patterns for as long as possible without making a mistake. The final made, Multiplayer, is much like Top Score, except you are competing head-to-head with a friend via Games Centre.


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Circles for iPhone + iPad

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