VCR Lesson 4 Presentation

Adrian Mucha

Fill in the blank

Various __________ of the Bible contribute to the differentiation between the churches of Christianity.
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The Word

exegesis (n) -- a thorough explanation or interpretation, especially of a sacred text

In the sentence above, the plural form of the word, exegeses, should be used.


hegaisthai (<G.) "to lead"

ex (<G.) "from," "out of"

Greek roots: Exegesis literally means "to lead out of". The reader of the sacred text is led to his conclusions by following the meaning of the text. The person is interpreting "from" the text.


  • explanation
  • interpretation
  • analysis


eisegesis -- Where exegesis takes the text of the scripture as it is and leads to a fair interpretation, eisegesis is where an interpretation of a sacred text is done with personal opinion injected in by the reader, often leading to misinterpretation


Decide whether the word in bold is used correctly or incorrectly in each sentence.

1. Seeing that most of her students were still scratching their heads, Mrs. Kelly provided a third exegesis of the physics equation to the class.

2. During the Great Awakening in the mid-eighteenth century, thousands of people throughout the American colonies would gather to listen to the exegeses of George Whitefield, a young preacher from the Anglican Church.

3. Jacob recited an exegesis from the book of Galatians, and he was rewarded with a badge giving him the title of Junior Disciple.