June 2019

AP Evaluations

If you have not already submitted your HR41a and HR41b for your AP, please do so as soon as possible. You should have already uploaded it to your school evaluation folder.

Don't Forget...Summer Worker Orientation is This Week

New and Returning Summer Workers need to attend one of the orientation meetings BEFORE they begin working. At this meeting we will go over District policies and complete the remaining paperwork. Training will be held at Central Services in the Auditorium. Current employees of the District do not need to attend. Look for more information to come to executive secretaries from Jaime Presor.

Want to be a part of a focus group regarding Classroom Mosaic and "required" observations?

...Just let me know you can attend our joint HR and Instruction focus group meeting on July 10th at 1:00. We would love to hear your voice!

Have you submitted??? Special Education IA Change in Hour Paperwork??

In the second reading of the budget, it was approved for all current 7 hour special education instructional assistant positions to become 7.5 hour positions. For most of your special education instructional assistants, this is an increase in hours which should assist you with student supervision.

You will be receiving a packet from HR that will contain a form to help as you meet with each current 7 hour special education instructional assistant individually to explain the change and discuss their hours for next year. The packets will also have several blank HR12 forms. Please complete the HR12 for each current 7 hour special education IA to outline their new hours for the 2019-2020 school year so that there is no confusion about expectations.

There are currently a few 8 hour special education IA’s in the district. Please note that they will be grandfathered into their 8 hour position. If they should vacate their position, the position would become a 7.5 hour position. If they are an 8 hour special education instructional assistant, their time sheet should reflect that they are working an 8 hour day. Please note that even if they do not have an unencumbered lunch, employees hours should still reflect an 8 hour day. This is a practice we will be working on cleaning up for all support staff employees this school year. Non Exempt employees should work the number of hours allocated per their job description. Support staff do not get paid for a thirty minute lunch period. In other words, if a support staff member is a 7 hour employee, their work day should reflect that. If they have a 30 minute unencumbered lunch, they should be scheduled 7 ½ hours to reflect their 7 hours of work plus their unencumbered 30 minute lunch period. We will be having more discussions about this during Leading as One.

In this instance for the 7.5 hour special education instructional assistants, the sheet and the HR12 forms are due back to HR by June 7, 2019. Please collect all of the forms from the employees and send as one school packet to HR, attention Kate Barrett.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

An easy and awesome place to send potential candidates to in order to apply in our district. Check it out!

New Volunteer System is Online and Goes Live July 1st!

  1. New Volunteer System-

  • Moving to online application to go live for the district on July 1, 2019

  • Paper forms will go away and everything will be electronic/technology-based

  • Send the name of volunteer coordinator to Shannon Williamson at

  • Met to discuss changes with all district Volunteer Coordinators on May 28, 2019, but if a change is made after this meeting, Shannon is happy to talk to your new coordinator about the volunteer process and train them individually

As you hire your Induction Teachers, please remind them...

Our 3rd Annual Induction Teacher Leadership Institute will be held from August 5-8, 2019! We'll be at Meadow Glen Middle School from 8:00-4:00 each day, and this event is required for all induction teachers. Save the Date cards are going out to induction teachers as they are hired, but it would be super-helpful if you would let them know, too. This is a great week of learning for our induction teachers!

In case you need other Summer ADEPT Training Opportunity Dates again....

Summer Expanded ADEPT Training (Registration Open Now!)