Pasricha takes the award for the second year in a row!

The Father Award

It is June 16th, 2013, and the time has come once again to decide whom shall take home the hardware, known to all as the "Noble Father Award." This award is a very new award, and is the third year that is being given out. The award is given out to a fatherly role model who is kind, helpful, loving, intelligent, risk-taking, has a sense of humour, and most of all loves to be around his children or the ones he takes care of. The purpose of this award is to recognize all father's around the world, and the love they have demonstrated to others. The Noble Father Prize is a huge honour and accomplishment. It is a very prestigious award, and is even said to be bigger than a Grammy Award, or even the Noble Peace Price!
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Our Previous Winners

The Noble Father Award has only been in the awards committee since 2011, and has limited winners. However, the winners that were chosen are leaders worldwide, and to the people around them. They are fatherly role models and are loving people.

2011- Sathya Sai Baba

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2012- Mr. Rajeev Pasricha

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The 2013 Father Award Winner

This year we are very happy to announce and congratulate this year's winner, Mr. Rajeev Kumar Pasricha, age 44. This is the second time in a row Pasricha has been the winner of this important award. He is a dedicated man who always takes his children and others into consideration first, as well as always giving and never expecting anything back. For his sense of humour, love, dedication, and motivation to his children, we are very honoured to give this award once again to Mr. Pasricha. We would also like to wish Mr. Pasricha and all of the father's of the world a very HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!

2013- Mr. Rajeev Pasricha

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A Message From the Kids!

Happy Father's Day Bhapuji! You are such as great dad, with so many things to offer. You have done so much for us, that it is impossible to thank you in one day. Your sense of humour, dedication to us, and infinite love you give to us each day help us grow and become better people and children. Today is your day, it is Father's Day! We hope you have a great day with all those that love you and look up to you. We would also like to thank you for everything you have done for us, as well as congratulate you for once again winning this award. It is a huge honour and you should be very proud of yourselves. The world and judges committee can really see that you are a fatherly role model to those around you.

Love: Sachin, Rohini, and Nikita

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