Why We Eat What We Eat

Common Influences on Everyday Influences

External Influences

Media Influences

Media influences food choices more than people expect because everyday people are faced with ads and images for foods that look appetizing can influence what you are hungry for as opposed as to whats healthy. Media influences include social media (such as instagram and twitter), TV, and ads.
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Economic Influences

Economic influences are caused by things such as unemployment where it is a change in the economy which can lead to different influences. Economic influences can be an emotional coping to something or just a way to eat because of a sudden change in income.


Environmental Influences are caused by things around you or where you are. These can be the people around you (peers) or simple availability of certain foods around you. Peers however are the most common because the influences of friends or coworkers often make you want to do the same.


Technological influences is the influence on food choices based on things caused by technology such as the packaging or how its manufactured. If the packaging seems to be more appealing than another than it is more common that you will purchase that product as opposed to another.

Individual Influences


Physiological is the foods needed based on gender or weight. For example females need less calories than males therefore guys would need to eat more. Physiological is a huge influence now of days because of the standard put in place by society, now of days its expected to skinnier and to look a certain way.


Psychological is the influence of your mental state this includes things such as beliefs, emotions, or past experiences. This can be things like if you have tasted something in the past that you didn't like and refused to eat it again.


Personal food choices are caused by your likes and dislikes which simply means what ever you think is good then you'll eat and what ever you don't like the taste of then you refuse to consume that specific food.
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Culture and Customs

Culture and Customs can be a big part of your diet especially when growing up this includes food that are traditions or even foods encountered with celebrations that is common in a certain culture. This is often decided by parents or guardians when being raised.
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Traditions ties in with some of the cultural influences such as ethnicity and how you were raised. A lot of traditions come from cultures which can be either religion or even things like the super bowl where its common to gather together and have a meal or snack. It is often very common that there will be specific foods involved in certain celebrations.

Healthy Food Choices

Dietary Guidelines for Americans

Dietary Guidelines for Americans is the recommended serving size and calorie intake of an average american in order to maintain a healthy weight.

Weight Management

Weight management is the process of maintaining a healthy body mass and amount of fat in the body. The process includes exercising and healthy food choices, it is very important o include all food groups but in proper amounts which can be found in organizations such as My Plate or the Food Pyramid.
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Physical Activity Needs

Physical Activity is a necessity for maintaining a healthy weight and life style. At the beginning of the life cycle physical needs go from working on simple motor skills to learn basic tasks to managing a certain weight in order to live a healthy life style. The responsibility of working out is often ignored among americans when it is actually recommended that the average american should spend at least 30 minutes of exercise a day.
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My Plate compared to the Food Pyramid

My Plate is a method of showing the diets and serving size suggested for an average american. It has taken over the old form of showing serving sizes which was the food pyramid. My Plate is more effective because it breaks up an average plate and puts it in a way that'll show exactly how you should set up your plate.
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Nutrition Labels

Nutrition Labels are a great way of seeing whats in a certain food and for setting up a diet. The nutrition Label on a food package shows how much of every ingredient is in it. This part of the packaging is essential for having a healthy diet because you cant be healthy without knowing what is in your food.
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Food Groups for Specific People

Over 50:

- Less Calories

- A Lot of Nutrients

- Small amounts of Fats and Oils

Pregnant Women:

- Plenty of Water

-Limit Sugars and Artificial Foods

- More Calories


-Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables

-Make sure to get all Food Groups

- Low Fats and Saturated Fats


-Plenty of Nutrients

- Low Saturated Fats

- Reduced Sugars