Monday Memo October 12, 2015

Inspiring Passionate Learners

Important Dates

10/12- No School/ Staff Development Day

10/14- College Shirts and Jeans

10/15- Science Camp Fundraiser at Sonic 5:00-8:30pm

10/16- Falcon Festival and Math Curriculum Night 5:30-8:30pm

10/21- Braswell High School Spirit Day- Wear Red and Black

10/26 to 10/30- Red Ribbon Week

10/26-10/28- Fifth Grade Science Camp

10/28-11/4- Turn Reflection's Entries into Front Office

10/29- Staff Celebration Meeting & Assessment Literacy Learning- 3:10-4:10

10/30- Fire Clown Safety Program for K-2

10/30- Wild Things Parade @ 2:15

11/03- Meet Ms. Catherine Bell at the Re-zoning Meeting- PCE Cafeteria 7:00

Attendance Matters

Please encourage your students to be at school for the full school day! Students are counted tardy ONLY by office personnel if they arrive after 8:05 AM. Please don't count students tardy in TAC. There are often times a student comes in and provides the office with a doctor's note or there has been a transportation issue that allows us to excuse the tardy. For this reason, Wendy and Lisa will continue to keep track of students who have unexcused tardies. We also track students who leave school before 2:30 PM. This is a loss-it of instruction. Below is Denton ISD's attendance policy based on new attendance laws adopted this year:

LOSIT is the Loss of Significant Instructional Time that occurs when a student is tardy 15 minutes or more in the morning or leaves school more than 15 minutes before the end of the school day. Students providing documentation of a medical appointments are not subject to the LOSIT intervention.


Students arriving after 8:05 each day will makeup missed instructional activities for 15 minutes during recess on the day of the LOSIT. Students leaving before 2:35 will makeup missed instructional activities for 15 minutes during recess on the following day. Teachers will supervise students as they sit out for at recess for 15 minutes to complete missed work. Please click on the hyperlink for more information regarding our RtI process for attendance.

Attendance RtI

The classroom teacher calls and/or emails parents when there has been 2-3 tardies or absences. Then, Tier 2 interventions begin to occur. We will go over this with each team. Please read the attached document and prepare any questions, concerns, or comments you may have.

Wendy will be using color-coded passes to notify you whether or not the LOSIT was coded as medical.

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CHAMPS in the Cafeteria

Please practice CHAMPS in the cafeteria with your students. Our kindergarten and first graders received positive praise from our cafeteria monitors last week, but second-fifth graders had a rough week. Students need to be reminded of the following:

  • Stay seated until your table is called to line up.
  • Get water on the way to your table.
  • Go to the restroom before coming to the cafeteria.

Our monitors have noticed when students are getting up to go to the restroom or to get water, the temptation to run, play tag, or wander around the cafeteria increases. Safety is key. Students eating and being mobile leads to a less safe environment. We will let you know if your grade level warrants extra support from teachers on your team during lunch. Our goal is for you to enjoy lunch with your team, but we will go to the shared lunch duty schedule if behaviors don't improve.

Falcon Festival and Math Curriculum Night

Friday, Oct. 16th, 5:30-8:30pm

1600 Navo Road

Aubrey, TX

We are excited about our Falcon Festival and Math Curriculum Night! Please be sure to sign up to volunteer for a 30 minute timeslot and enjoy the rest of the evening with your family and friends. We understand that you may have a personal conflict and are unable to attend, but if you're in town, please donate 30 minutes as a PTA member and get those hours reflected on our volunteer report. Thanks for all you do to support our school!