By: Byronique Robinson

Fast Facts

Continent: North America

Capital: Kingston

Population: 2,950,210

Area: 4,244 sq. miles

Main Languages: Patois

Main Religion: Protestant

Distance: 1417.87 miles


An Ortanique is a Jamaican fruit. It is a mix including tangerines and oranges.

Akee (a Jamaican fruit) is very dangerous unless cooked properly. It needs to be ready to be eaten for it to be edible.


Many Jamaicans are protestants. 3% of the population is owned by the Anglican church. Other protestant people have the church of god. Some people mix Christianity and African religions together.


Many of Jamaicans attend public school. Every school is attached to a church.

At the beginning of a school day it starts off with a prayer and service. There are 2 parts to their school secondary and primary.

Legit things id like to do

I would like to join them for Christmas. Id like to taste their cakes. Id like to give gifts to service workers for respect. Id like to join them for boxing day. I most definitely want to join them in carnival.


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