Heros Project

Paula Michelle Bliven

Personal Facts

Full name is Paula Michelle Bliven. She was born in '81 and is still living today. Making her 34 years old. She's healthy with a 1 1/2 year old baby boy named Breck.


Paula is the gym teacher as well as the girls softball and track coach at New London High School. So, I call her Bliv or Coach. She enjoys play recreational sports such as women's league volleyball and co ed softball, also hanging with friends and family of course.


Coach Bliven has 1 older sibling. Her name is Gina.

Some of her life accomplishments

She's very proud of her son Breck. Who wouldn't be though? He's precious. She's very happy with her job and marriage being successful.

Reasons she is my HERO.

I love sports, especially track and volleyball. I love to run and she's always pushing me to do better in races. Or break personal records and helping me as much as she can when I high jump. She was also the first volleyball coach I've ever had and is a big reason I'm interested in it because coaches are a huge part of the sport you love. Ya feel me Homes?