All about Lemurs

By: Luke Houston


What lives in Madagascar and starts with an L? A Lemur! There are many different kinds of Lemurs, and I am going to teach you about all of them.

where Lemurs live

Do you want to know where Lemurs live? They live in the forest and rain forests of Madagascar. They also live in groups called troops. What is Madagascar? Madagascar is an island located about 250 miles of the coast of southern Africa in the Indian ocean.

Body features

what are Lemurs body features? A Lemurs is a kind primate, witch means they are related to apes and humans. Lemurs have long pointy noses witch contributes to their great sense of smell. There colors are reddish brown to gray, and they come in all different sizes.

What Lemurs eat

Do you want to know what Lemurs eat? They a variety of different kinds of fruit. They also eat small birds, leaves, spiders, insects, and flowers.


You wanted to know all about Lemurs and, they are quite interesting. aren't they? If you want to know more facts about Lemurs search on the sited sources below.
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