San Salvador, El Salvador

By: Anna Grozev

Travel Guide: El Salvador


Duración de la vista fue 4 diás.

Sheraton Presidente San Salvador

Precio: 5899.59 Salavdordoran Colón para 4 noches

Los Servicios del Hotel: una piscina, un balneario,Wi-Fi gratuito, 3 restaurantes, un gimnasio, un campo cancha de golf, y cable.

Total: $676 or 5899.59 Salvadoran Colón

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Actividades Divertidas

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This tour includes 5 ziplines, 80 ft. water rappel, river hiking, a homemade meal, and transportation for $125 each person plus tax. You are promised to a great tour along with many memories
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See a Fútbol Game

When in doubt, go see a classic game of football! The team above in blue, El Salvador, was founded in 1935 and have participated in 2 world cups championships since then. Nonetheless, they are ranked 72 in the world. Prices for each game vary, depending on the opposing team, however they average to about $35 per person.


Jueves- 10 am: tanning at beach

12 am: lunch

2 pm: view the ancient ruins

5 pm: dinner @ Laca Laca

Viernes- 8 am: breakfast @ the hotel

9 am: morning tour of the volcano

1 pm: lunch @ the market (yummy street food!)

3 pm: trip to the beach

Sabado- 12 am: brunch @ Maya Café

3 pm: El Salvador soccer game

4 pm: spa appointment @ the hotel

6 pm: dinner @ Kamakura

Domingo- 10 am: Mercado Nacional de Artesaniás

1 pm: lunch @ Los Balcones

3 pm: visit Inglesia de Rosario

5 pm: Playa El Sunzal

Lunes- 7 am: quick breakfast @ the hotel

8:30 am: ziplining in rainforest

12 am: lunch in the forest (provided)

1:30 pm: river hiking


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