100 Days Smarter

Happy 100th Day of Kindergarten!!!

Where Did the Time Go?!

I'm asking myself the same thing! One minute it is October, the next it's February 1st and we are already hitting our 100th day of school! I surprised the class with a 100 Days Smarter celebration! We read about 100 Hungry Ants, counted 100 steps from our classroom, made a book with 100 stamps, and much much more! I sent your child home with 100 cookies (wink, wink--see the last picture) to share with you as they talk about our day! Some of the pictures below will fill out the stories you hear from your Kindergartner!

100th Day Stations

We measure, we compared, we organized and regrouped! We stacked, we patterned, we painted, and wrote! So many ways to explore 100! The day was over before we knew it!

100 Cookies?!?!?!? (Wink, Wink)

O.K. So maybe I was a little tricky . . . It wasn't exactly 100 cookies in amount, but the cookies spell 100! Hope your Kindergartner has lots to tell you!