Molly Pitcher Hays

Hailie Peters

Role in the Revolution

She carried pitchers of water to the soldiers. She got her name when the soldiers shouted " Molly - pitchers!" When Molly's husband collapsed she took his spot in cannon duty. The cannon men were about to withdraw but kept fighting. Molly helped a lot in the war.
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3 Important facts

Molly's birth name was was Mary Ludwig. Molly got her nickname by bringing pitchers of water to the soldiers. Molly was not taught how to read or write.

Family Life

Mom: Maria Margaretha Ludwig

Dad: John Georg Ludwig

Brother: Johann Martin

Son: Johanes Hays

Former Spouse: William Hays, John McCauley

Life after the Revlution

Molly Pitcher became Sargent Molly and Heroine of Monmouth. Molly also got rewarded for her bravery by getting a pension of $40 a year, for life