Thank you Mr. Falker

by: Patrica Palocco

What happened?

Tricia could not read at all and people made fun of her, and then to make it worse her grandma who she was very close to died. Then she moved schools and nothing changed. In fith grade There was a new teacher, Mr. Falker, he did not care about the smartest and cutest students he was a fair teacher. He helped Tricia learn how to read, and made sure Tricia didn't get bullied.

How did the character react?

Tricia reacted awful, she started day dreaming, and drawling more and liking school less and less. She started getting mad at herself she told herself that she was dumb. She would pertend she was sick just to skip school.

How did the character over come the obstacals?

She tried as hared as she could to learn how to read and tried to ignore the other kids laughing as much as she could. She would draw and day dream as much as she could to get her mind off of things, and she never gave up.

How did the character get what they wanted?

Her teacher worked with her almost every day after school, she kept pushing herself, and soon she was able to read and write.


I think the theme is growing up because going to school is a big part of growing up. Also learning to read is a super big part of growing up. Finally going through challenges and hard times is a big part of growing up.