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9/21/14 What we are learning!

Here is what we will be learning in the upcoming week:

The italicized questions drive what we are learning. We will focus on these questions throughout the entire unit. The statements below are the student learning goals for the week.


  • Over the next few weeks we will be learning about 6 signposts that can help us think more deeply about reading. This week we will be introducing Aha Moments, Tough Questions and Words of the Wiser. Please check out our classroom website for more information on these signposts.


  • How do writers use various techniques to enhance their narrative writing?
  • How do narratives unfold in a way that makes sense to the reader?

  • With guidance, I can use the writing process to produce high quality writing pieces-- This week we are working on revising. We will be working on zooming in on a moment, and constructing effective leads and conclusions.


  • How does a digit’s position affect its value?
  • In what ways can operations affect numbers?
  • How can different strategies be helpful when solving problems?
  • I can explain the standard algorithm for multi-digit whole number multiplication.
  • I can use the standard algorithm to multiply multi-digit whole numbers with ease


    • I can describe how friction affects the amount of force needed to move a load over different surfaces.

Weekly Specials Schedule

A Day= PE B Day= Music C Day= Library Media Center

Monday-- C

Tuesday-- A(Art is always on Tuesdays)




Updates and Reminders

Tuesday, September 23rd- Picture Day

Friday, October 3- Fort Osage Field Trip (students will need a sack lunch)

Thursday, October 9- Water Department Field Trip

Our classroom expectation is that students read for 20 minutes nightly! This is considered nightly homework!

Spelling Words

1) claustrophobia

2) arachnophobia

3) bibliophobia

4) graphophobia

5) heliophobia

6) autophobia

7) acrophobia

8) myctophobia

9) zoophobia

10) hydrophobia






Our root this week is "phobia". It means fear.


Please feel free to contact me anytime with ideas, questions, or concerns.