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May 2019

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State Testing Begins

Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress (ISASP) testing is underway at GW! Reading, Math, and Writing/Language will be tested this year. Fifth grade will also be testing in Science. Testing is April 29 - May 10. We are doing small group testing each day and on the Tuesdays and Thursdays of these two week, we will be testing school-wide. Please remember that during testing weeks its so important that your student is here, well rested and has had a good breakfast. Studies show that those are key elements to successful testing.

Teacher Appreciation Week is here!!

May 6 - 10 is Teacher Appreciation Week. We want to thank our teachers for all the hard work and dedication they have for our kids at GW

Library News

We are at the end of the school year and need ALL overdue books and fines to be taken care of by the end of May. If your child hasn’t brought home a slip regarding overdue books, please ask your child, or feel free to call the school library (319) 524-1953. May 22nd will be the last day to check out books for this school year! Thank You, and Happy Reading GW!

Mrs. Tianna Smeltser, 4th Grade

Mrs. Smeltser and Mr. Bogert’s classes have been busy having fun and learning lots of interesting things! In Science, we have been studying sound waves. The students experimented by making their own phones. After making the phone, they had to problem solve to improve the sound quality of their phones. In Math, we are continuing with division. It is getting easier everyday. We will continue to practice and work with the process to gain confidence in division.

It’s hard to believe that May is here already! The last month of school is going to be a busy one. The fourth graders will be heading to Western Illinois Thresher’s on May 7th. This is one of our favorite field trips of the year. The students will get to experience a variety of stations that will teach them about the past, including the ways of life, the uses of agricultural production, and transportation.

Keep your eyes open for the exciting events happening in May at GW!